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One who will stop at nothing to get your notes, general tutorial work and templates. They may pretend to like you, but in reality they are only after one thing, your notes
General signs of notewhores include they:
- think their top shit
- player - wear a college jacket
- think they are a famous rapper
- go on about how smart you are (particularly if they make refer to "hermione")
- have "cookie time"
- their nick name is short for chlamydia, and their cool with that
- tell you that you have a good body
- never make time for you our of class
- have a busy life but seem to cruise through
- never really pay you proper attention, constantly texting other girls whilst talking to you
- do promo work
- fail constitutional law
- bitch about you and other behind their back
- engage in typical douche like behaviour
by girlwhodoesnttakeshitanymore August 23, 2011
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