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The Definition:
· "Not it" exempts a person from performing a deed provided he or she is not the last person to call "not it"
· The last person to call not it must perform the deed at hand, provided he or she lies in the realm of responsibility

The Realm of Responsibility
· Any person who is present and falls into the realm of responsibility must call not it or perform the deed
· The realm of responsibility applies to anyone who might reasonably be expected to perform the deed in question (parents do not usually fall under the realm of responsibility, e.g.)

The Extent of the Game:
· Once one person has called "not it" for a specific deed, the game comes into effect
· Once the game is in effect, all must play or perform the deed
· Once and only once, each person may claim not to understand the concept of "not it." That person will then read the rules or have them explained to him or her, and upon the next invocation of "not it" he or she must participate or perform the deed.

The Call:
· A person must say aloud the phrase "not it" and touch his or her nose before all others present have also done so after it has been announced that the deed in question must be done.

The Situation:
· "Not it" may be called in group-settings with more than two people (for two people settings, a best of three game of rock, paper, scissors is employed)
· The call for a task does not exempt one from having to call "not it" (see exceptions)

The Announcement:
· In sibling situations, the announcement is made by a parent/guardian (see exceptions)
· Anyone may announce the deed, however, unless he or she is an exception, he or she must also call "not it"

· Parents, when calling, are usually exempt from the realm of responsibility
Person3: "Who's going to open the door"
Person1: "Not it"
Person2: "not it"
Person3: Opens door
by rokman April 03, 2009
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sort of the opposite to bagsy. if there are two or more people present and something needs to be done fairly immediately for whatever reason, to say "not it" quickly can save a lot of hassle. the person to say "not it" last is the person bound to do the task, whatever it is.
phone rings
first person "not it"
second person "not.. goddamn"
second person answers the phone.
by rose April 19, 2005
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This is the area between the pussy and the sphincter. It received it's name cause when inexperienced guys poke it girls say "That's not it"
I was goin' all out guys til I poked her in the notit.
by o_krush May 12, 2006
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The ultimate dare from which a woman cannot back down without incurring more loss of dignity than following through with the actual stupidity of doing the dare and suffering its consequences.
Bet you won't slap that girl, NO TITS
by Conor S Thompson August 27, 2008
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This phrase is for those of us who are selfish and narcissistic and would rather watch the people around us do meaningless, mindless chores that plagues our everyday existence.

1) Occurs when two or more people are sitting and the task comes up to clean the room, put in a different cd, or get the door (etc.)
2) This CANNOT be spoken until an official count has occurred to 3. When the presence of a task has come up a member of the party will say: "1,2,3..."
3) The person administering the count will be the first to say "Not it" which automatically grants him/her immunity from the task at hand
4) After the administrator says it everyone else now must say "Not It" the fastest
5)The administrator decides with group consensus who the slowest person was who must humiliate himself and perform the task at hand
6) For parties of 4 or more the administrator may be overthrown if there is disagreement over the slowest person
7) Physical Intimidation and force is acceptable for groups of 3 or more to muffle another member of the group in order to prevent them from casting a "Not it"
8) Any female present automatically is given the task the no one wants to do because clearly men are superior to females (Man Law)
9) In the instance of more than one female being present a "Rock, Paper, Scissors" will be administered in a best of 3 tournament
10) For anyone who loses and refuses to perform the task is then immediately shunned from further group activities that night or can opt to stay with the agreement of being the center of jokes for the rest of the night
JP- "Dude, someone close that window it's freezing."

John, Stu, Evan-no one says anything just look with unregistered stares.

JP-Come on guys!

John- "ok, 1,2,3...NOT IT!
Stu-Not it!
Evan-Not it!

JP- "sh*t"
by JohnStrick April 01, 2009
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