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he most hardcore hood in North sac. unlike the manors and the heights it has real niggaz. niggaz kno how to get they doe and run frum the 5 O.
Ayyy that nigga from the heights just got shot cause he was messin wit sum north gate niggaz
by $@CtO Hu$TL@ March 12, 2010
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The greatest place known to mexicans next to Solo 98+ and is in southern california, Northgate is the one stop shop for mexicans, usually there are about 100,000 mexicans that go there everyday, the place is always packed and there are hardly any white people that go there, most of em are afraid of even stepping foot in there, its just like Mexico DF (if your white) once u go in u wont come out. White people whould be lucky to even get out with there clothes or with there wife unpregenet.The place is small as hell and is overly crowded. Crazy shit happens in Northgate, few mexicans were born there, fucking fiestas go on everyday and shit, My pisano Johnitan sells chicklets and chanclas in there to help feed his 32 brothers and sisters, And the parking lot is full of mexicans having carne asadas and pinata parties outside with marachis playing Vincente Fernadez and shit, hell even some of them try to do burnouts in there 91' Civics with fart cannon exaust systems with there adjustable wings on their trunks amd shit.
"Ey Carnal vamons al Northgate cabron they have frijoles for $1.25,and we'll meet up with Johnitan selling chanclas behind his house at Solo 98+ y we'll listen to sum metallica on the trip wey,then we'll find us sum hynas and get em pregenant"
by Dave T. December 23, 2005
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