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An area in Ulster (Ireland) containing 6 counties.
The counties are Fermananagh, Antrim, Tyrone, Derry, Armagh and Down.
This area is referred to as Nordie-Land because nordies live there. It remains oppressed and is still part of the United Kingdom. There is an ongoing conflict in Nordie-Land with some nordies wishing to remain part of the UK while others wish to become part of the Republic of Ireland.
Typically it is the Catholic nordies that would like a united Ireland and it is hoped that as they are not allowed used contraceptives that their population will eventually exceed that of the nordie protestants who are allowed use contraceptives and so have fewer children, therefore if the case for a united Ireland ever went to referendum that the nordie catholics would win the vote due to their larger population.

Nordies are famous for having a ridiculous sounding "nordie-accent" which some find quite comical and people often impersonate it (poorly).

Catholic Nordies can easily be annoyed if, particularly English people, refer to Derry as "London-Derry" or if they call them British.
"Lets get the train up to Nordie-Land to buy some condoms" - typical household conversation in pre 1984 Ireland when contraceptives were illegal.
by Johnrll December 01, 2007
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