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A wacky person, or one who does odd things, usually a high or very high person, most times a tweaker on a 3 to 4 day run without sleep.
why is freddy trying to cook with a plastic bowl on the stove?

Oh.... freddy is a noodle groover.
by silty pimes March 07, 2008
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Someone so high on methamphetamine that they can't hold still so their limbs waves up and down and back and forth like one of those Car Lot balloons guys.
I saw Andrew, he must have relapsed. He was so gacked out he was flailing around like a noodle Groover .
by 38th time's the charm July 27, 2016
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A meth head that can not stand matter how they try they can not stop jerking spastic manner.
That noodlegroover must have some good shit cause he is fucken twitchen.
by Lt smith June 03, 2018
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