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A person who slays noobs on popular video games such as Halo or Call of Duty. Often a casual gamer who kills a regualr playing nerd, referred to as a noob (Doug Marsh, Eddy Full, Fin Donaldson,Pickled Bums). The title of noobslayer is one that has been fought over for many generations.
Noobslayer: Ha, I owned you you stupid noob
Noob: Stop killing me it's unfair.
by Timmy Pocket April 01, 2008
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A noob slayer is a player that thinks to be cool cause he can PK noobs and newbies. By doing that, the player is considered lame and he/she's treated worse than noobs. Noob Slayers proclame themselves as pros too, but they lack of technique because they always fought against ridicolously weaker characters than them. Noob Slayers are often owned by real pros, and do not accept defeat.

They usually have a short temper too, acting aggressively and bossy with the community, tending to isolate themselves.

Noob Slayers like to aggro in groups, to lower their chances of defeat. In games like Lineage 2, Noob Slayers tend to "raid" areas like starting towns and areas where low level players tend to level up.

These players are attracted by pros, trying desperately to be friends with them. Obviously they fail in doing that, and that's the moment in which they act like total noobs by spamming and insulting other pple.
Pros> Normal players > Newbies > Noobs > Noob Slayers
by Kenjitheninja January 21, 2007
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