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An affliction often given to those new to a certain subject but lack all possible common sense, often repeating various ridiculous questions or just being plain 'noobs'
PSP Related Examples:

Can I downgrade my 2.6 PSP to 1.00?
No you Noob, if youd used search then youd realise that. God get some medicine for that noobosis of yours, i bet its infectious.

If we looked at a picture on the PSP could we hack it?
Did you think before the noobosis took ahold of you and made you type that??

OMG I got a blue screen! I downgraded my 2.6!
A little common sense goes a long way. If real exploiters cant find a way then how can a self masturbating noob like you do it by playing GTA on your stupid 2.6 that you updated to play 1 game that ONE DAY very very soon youll get bored off...
by KoS April 26, 2006
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