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1. On the PC-based YS Flight Simulator; any ficticious player-controlled addon that is often used by n00bs on servers to win a dogfight or destroy people and other objects on the ground or water. Also known as a cheatplane.

Noobmobiles are easily countered with spawn killing, Admin Aircraft, the Ban User command, an equally powerful cheatplane, or a "Free Fire" call.

2. On the Battlefield Series; Helicopters, Tanks, and Artillery guns which n00bs team kill for in order to boost their K/D ratio or get more points.

3. Any vehicle in any game that is not normally used by veteran players, but used by n00bs to go score whoring or to attempt to pwn a more experienced player.
Server Owner: Hey, douchewad, get out of the noobmobile and into something real, like an F-14.

n00b: I w1ll r4p3 j00 all w1th mah Hyperflanker!!

Server Owner: *Ban Hammer*

Other Users: lol n00b noodle.
by BFBC2 Mad Mechanic June 27, 2010
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