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A place where noobs gather , preferably a hole which is dirty as the vajayjay of a flying rat.
What the hell , necro is such a noobhole.
That guy with the big head is such a noobhole.
by Chris Mologotron June 26, 2008
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A combination of an asshole and a noob. Someone who uses their incompetence to show dickheadedness behaviour.
Student: How come I didn't get marks for question 3 although my answer is correct?
Professor: You didn't use the same method I did, how do I know it's correct and you didn't just copy it from somewhere?
Student: What a noobhole
by penguineapig March 28, 2018
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A Noob Hole is a hole in the human body reserved for babies and afterbirth
My Noob Hole is crowning
by Sketchy Gamer March 12, 2019
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