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Shown and used in the PurePwnage video 'Micro-Management'

It's what noobs say to eachother during gameplay etc. - n00b smack talk!
Narrator: Demoralizing enemy n00bs with smack talk, known in the academy as noob-com

Player 2: What's the Time?
Player 1: Your Mum, o'clock

Player 1: Are you even playing the same game I am?
Player 1: Soo did you rent your XBOX from Blockbuster Videoo?
Player 1: Right thats a n00b school bus..Right, you're on it
Player 1: Hey, I just saw a FOXnews report, on how good you are..
Player 1: See..uh..Someone who sucks called you, and they want their skills back..
Player 1: We have a level 2 n00b alert, this guy's a bomb whore!
by Darren Williams April 08, 2008
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