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When guy can't reach orgasm during the handjob or blowjob.
Mary was giving John a handjob but he didn't ejaculate so it's a nonjob.
by Rizu December 29, 2014
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employment of which one can feel little satisfaction or sense of accomplishment unless there is punishment or a sense of meanness involved and alas the later feelings are of a stronger urge. (rather scary actually)
"No, that's a total Non-Job, you want kids right? Think about how they would feel?!"

"Dude, i will never work there, NJ, i would like to be a healer!"

" I almost took a Non-Job, what was i thinking? Are you my friend or what?! Tell me you got my back man?!"

"Can't do it, it's an NJ ..yeah don't like to punish."
by good attention July 04, 2013
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