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3 definitions by DaBestIvo

A community or group of people which does not see toxicity as "correct" or allowed within itself.
Join my gaming non-toxic community where no toxicity is allowed.
by DaBestIvo May 3, 2020
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The newest cringe “got you” type of question for when you have nothing interesting to tell your “friends.”
It is a combination of “Imagine dragon deez nuts across your face” and “CDs nuts on your face”
- Have you heard Imagine Dragon’s new CD?

- No

- Imagine dragon CD deez nuts across your face because you c dees nuts across your face
by DaBestIvo March 3, 2022
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A hammer which supposedly Discord server admins and Fortnite swing on rule-breakers to ban them.
Imma swing the banhammer on you
by DaBestIvo May 4, 2020
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