A blatant misnomer to describe someone who lacks intelligence. The correct term is actually "unintelligent," and those who attempt to criticize others as 'non-intelligent' lose any credibility they once possessed.
wow u must be non-intelligent.
by olephill2 January 29, 2008
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"Non-human intelligence," or NHI, is a term commonly found in Ufology, and has no direct relationship with the computer science term "artificial intelligence," or A.I. Instead, the term "non-human intelligence" is used by ufologists to denote non-human entities of potentially (but not always) non-Earth origins (i.e., extraterrestrials) who clearly possess intelligence and technological sophistication. The term is also extended to any robots or androids or drones or A.I.s who either accompany or assist the primary (and presumably biologic) intelligences. Such robots or androids or drones or A.I.s who accompany the primary intelligences are also called "exotic technology" or "non-human technology" or even "non-human A.I." The craft or ships or vehicles in which the intelligences travel (in the accompaniment of their robots, and androids, etc.,) are called "exotic technical craft of non-human origin" or just "non-human craft."

The most important criteria needed before any technology can be called "non-human" is that it must be determined with utter confidence that the technology is not merely a specimen of top secret tech from either the US military or a foreign military such as China or Russia. Once it's been firmly demonstrated that "it isn't ours, and it isn't theirs either," only then can it be officially dubbed "of non-human origin."
The Pentagon denies that they have been in contact with non-human intelligences for many decades now. But the myriad government warehouses full of crashed UFOs and exotic materials indicate otherwise.
by Innocent Byproduct June 12, 2023
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