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a. Someone famous purely by who their family is and/or who they are acquaintances with

b. Person whose fame preceeded any kind of achievement

c. Just watch E! for an hour
Person #1: Who are the Kardashians?

Person #2: They are these famous sisters on TV.

Person #1: Why are they on TV? What do they do?

Person #2: I don't really know.

Person #1: But they're famous anyway.

Person #2: Yeah.

Person #1: I mean, usually a famous person I haven't of has a career or talent or something that makes them important. We aren't famous because we haven't done anything to make names for ourselves. So, where is our show?

Person #2: We don't have one.

Person #1: Guess we aren't lucky enough to be non-celebs.
by metatron85 March 16, 2011
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