Usually under the genderqueer or transgender umbrellas. when someone's sense of gender is not male, female, or something in-between (androgynous). Includes neutrois, agender, genderless, gender-neutral, and other senses of gender devoid of male or female aspects.
They don't identify themself as male nor female, perhaps they are non-binary?
by mxcharlie September 14, 2013
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A gender-specific way of identifying as neither male nor female, tends to use they/them pronouns or Neopronouns instead of either he/him or she/her.
For example, I, Wesley, actually am Non-Binary so I use they/them pronouns. When somebody approaches me/I approach someone, I usually start off with, "Hello. My name is Wesley. Before we continue, I must let you know that I am Non-Binary so I go by they/them pronouns." Most people would usually go, "Okay," and be fine calling me by that. I also have a few friends that do the same thing as me. It's not an offense or anything. If you want to be offended, check out prius.
by Cancer Tortilla March 11, 2020
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Used to refer to someone who identifies outside of the gender binary (male and female)
Mark: "Hey Jim who's that guy over there"
Jim: "Actually they're Non-binary. They use They/Them pronouns"
Mark: "Oh Okay"
by OrcusΒΏ April 07, 2020
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Somebody who does not identify as male of female.

They will usually have the pronouns they/them.
Person 1: who is that?
Person 2: that's Alex they're non-binary
by Just_me6442 March 04, 2018
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A totally valid umbrella term for many genders such as, bigender, pangender, agender, genderqueer, etc. Sometimes people who are non binary use different pronouns out of the English dictionary. Such as xir/xim. I think that is the right spelling . I apologize if it is not. Anyways non binary people can go by, she/he/they, they/he, they/she, they/them, etc.
Person a: ooo shes hot
Person b: they're non binary! They're pronouns are they/them
A: oh, they're cute then
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by Non binary rat ●W● September 22, 2019
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Someone who doesn't identify as male or female. This doesn't mean they change their femininity or masculinity, it just means they feel uncomfortable about their gender and don't feel like any other gender is their gender. They mostly use they/them pronouns, but some people go by pronouns they make. Their pride flag has yellow at the top, white underneath, purple below that, and black at the bottom.
Person 1: "Wow, she's hot!"
Person 2: "They're non-binary, dude."
Person 1: "HECK."

"I use she/shem pronouns."
"I use z/zem pronouns."
"I use they/them pronouns."
by psyeyey July 06, 2019
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Non-Binary is a gender often put under the transgender umbrella. It is often disregarded and those who identify as non-binary are belittled. Non-Binary people do not identify as male or female. Some are more feminine or masculine but most present themselves pretty androgynous. They often use they/them pronouns.
NB person: mom, dad, I'm non-binary.
Mom: Wait what does that mean?
NB person: I'm not male or female.
by Eden~Nico~Kai May 26, 2019
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