Noise music is a category of music used to denote any type of music that incorporates noise into the general aesthetic and/or composition of the work. The 'noise' can be anything from custom-made electronic sounds to simply playing an instrument in an unconventional way to produce a unique sound. While being its own genre, there are many subgenres of other genres of music that incorporate the compositional philosophy of noise, such as noise pop, noise rock, etc.
Noise music isn't for everybody, despite many noise musicians being critically acclaimed.
by webwebs April 9, 2021
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Noise music is a phrase that’s used by people who have no taste in music. They use “noise music” to cover up their shame of never hearing good music in their lives sadly.
Troop: “That group only makes noise music “

nctzen: this is so funny.
by anonymously nctzen December 6, 2020
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Noise music is an actual category of music. Used wrongly by kpop stans who pretend to have musical knowledge, but act shocked when someone mentions actual noise music producers
A:do you like noise music ?
B: yes, Merzbow is one of my favourite
A: wtf is this
by anonAnonymouss December 14, 2020
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A subgenre of K-pop popularized by boy groups NCT 127, NCT U and Stray Kids. Sometimes also refered as "Construction Sounds Music" and "Car Crash Music"

It's characterized by:
- Heavy bass lines
- Unconventional distorted sounds
- Out of the norm section distribution and structure
- Detailed and highly produced instrumentals
A: What are you listening to? It sound like noise music

B: Yeah it is!. The song is Cherry Bomb by NCT 127
by Orevalc July 3, 2020
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