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during any situation involving scarcity or a need to decide who is going to do something quickly, this phrase is yelled. The idea is not be the last person to put your finger on your noes, if you are the last one, you must do the task or must suffer not getting any of what the participants may be vying over.
Person 1: Somebody has to defuse that bomb or we are all going to die.

Person 2: I don't want to do it.

Person 3: Don't look at me, I ain't gonna do it.

Person 4: Nope.

Person 1: I see ... NOES GOES!

Person 2: Haha! I saw you. You were the last to touch your nose.

Person 3: Rats ... ok I'll do it but don't be pissed when I get us all killed.
by CLosClean December 16, 2014
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