meaning "pleasantness".
a girl that when you see her you day is a continuous smile :) she is SUPER SUPER hot...but thinks she's not!!! always dressed well, with an amazing taste for fashion.
loves drinking, and is hilarious when tipsy! every second spent with her is A M A Z I N G!!!!!!!
"this is so much noema"
"i'm having such a noema"
"i love how you're dressed, you look almost like noema"
by pinkfluffypenisball June 9, 2009
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Someone everyone judges and dislikes throughly.
Noema is such a turd
by SkInDaWg November 1, 2010
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The most wonderful, caring, prettiest, loving person you’ll ever meet. She’ll treat you right and be by your side no matter what. She’s gold. She’s perfect. You’ll be the most happiest human being if You get with a Noema.
by loverboy48 November 23, 2021
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