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someone, usually a very young or new ARMY, using old outdated jokes in a sad attempt to seem funny.

These types of species usually say things like "i hate snakeu" or "jimin has no jams", therefore making fun of their korean accent and embarrasing themselves by seeming idiotic with their choice of language.

Some extreme cases include over-using references to a Pharrell cover made by pre-debut Namjoon, only acknowledging the parts that are sexual, these parts are also the ones that namjoon didn't write. good job there, no jammers.

If you are a no jammer, please, leave 2013 jokes behind as they are cringey and not funny at all. instead of mocking their accents and using terrible jokes that ended before they even started, acknowledge the fact that BTS are trying to learn a new, foreign language.
"Wow, i cannot believe that no-jams ARMYs still exist. Why are they so immature?"
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