We have control over what happens to us in the future. There is no destiny or fate. There is nothing that will happen for sure. We determine our future from what we do now. We make our own future from our own actions, and nothing or no one else is responsible.
If you work hard every day to train for a sport, you will succeed and win. It is not the work of God or fate that you have succeeded; it is YOU who have made this success for yourself. Had you not trained, you would not have this success. No fate but what we make. You made yourself a better athlete, so you excelled. You made your own fate.
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From the terminator movie meaning that we can change the future, tho t3 screws the whole series up.
"the future is not set, there is no fate but what we make for ourselves"
by Coca December 27, 2003
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To create a future whether there is the on you like or the one you don’t or something in between. We can create it yet not solo or solely based on our own volition ; God, God through other people and other things like our environments but we are given choices so do take credit but not all
Of it
No fate but what we make is possible and the we is not and I.
by No fate but what we make November 17, 2020
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