Nishma is usually a very caring girl, also beautiful and very smart. She often gets many guy’s attention but never believes so. She also loves very deeply, and never forgets anything she ever felt. However if she’s over you, she will not return. She doesn’t show much emotion, but once she’s in love she shows all love and affection to that one person only. She is very out going but also loves sleeping and being lazy. When you first meet a Nishma she might seem shy but once you get to know her you will know how fun life around her could get.
Guy1: “Hey, remember Nishma from last year?”

Guy2: “Yeah she was my favorite girl.”
by Lexiiiii_02 May 18, 2018
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To have multiple chins.
Also referred to as having Nishmitis
1. Dude look at the guy over there. He has some serious

Nishmitis going on

2. I haven't seen a Nishmas like that since I visited the old age home
by creepycrawler10 June 27, 2011
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