An acronym that stands for the phrase: "Not impressed right now." The opposite of virn.
Girl 1: Did you order the pizza?
Girl 2: Oh, crap I forgot to!
Girl 1: Nirn, girl....
by taerc December 4, 2009
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A cross between NIght and moRNING. That time of day when its time for sleeping to all the night owls and time to wake up for everyone else.
(Texting my friend who's waking up as I'm going to sleep) Good nirning.
by Taido July 23, 2011
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Someone who can be a stupid bitch and queen at the same time.
Person #1: omg you’re a nirn

Person #2: wow I don’t know what to say
by Damnnnnnnnnnnnnnn April 21, 2020
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