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1. sone girl fucked so hard that her hole is banged up.
2. this word is also used to refer to a banged up hole or in general , overused hole.
2. bro ! use this USB slot carefully. you'll make nirbhaya of it!
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by boogageekworld March 05, 2017
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1.The abusive, overweight owner of his many slaves
2.A gay, middle aged prostitute who is overweight. He has a prominent monobrow
3. A tubby person with fingers that resemble a sausage.
1. Oh no, Nirbhaya is coming to whip us again!
2. So boys, who wants to lick my monobrow and stare at my fat rolls?
3. Oh my days, you look just like a Nirbhaya with your fat face and fingers.
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