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Psychotic miniature dogs such as Yorkshire Terriers, Chihuahuas, Maltese, Shih tzu, Pomeranian and Pekinese that act as though their territory extends beyond their front porch and out to the entire block. Sometimes seen in your front yard shitting or barking at you for picking up the paper.

The male owner secretly hopes the dog gets hit by a car while the female owner treats it like a faultless child regardless of whether it bites visitors or their own kids.

Little piranha like creatures that come screaming out of their house off leash to confront you and your dog with the owners scurrying frantically behind them asking you not to report their dog for biting you or blame your German Shepherd or Pit Bull for ripping them in half resulting in them reporting it and your dog getting put down.

Even as a dog lover, you are forced to kick them in order to stop them from nipping at your ankles while riding your bike or skateboard. Also known as 'shit dogs' because the only thing they are good at is shitting and being little pieces of shit.
Hello 911...I need an ambulance urgently. A pack of nipper dogs tore apart my Achilles Tendon while I was riding my bike.
by Cory Cooper August 28, 2016
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