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Someone who only hangs out with you because you have the latest console.
"Sam's not really a friend Mom, he only wants to hang out because I have the Xbox 9001. He's a Ninfriendo to the max."
by Youredoingitwrong June 04, 2016
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A Guy who has A lot of Crushes and but consistently get Friend zoned by all of them. He cry's himself to sleep every night and says he will be Forever Alone. He cant talk to Girls he would consider as: HOT and half of the time he has nothing interesting to say.
Jake: I really like you more than a Friend and i think your Amazing

Nicole: Sorry but i only like you as a Friend

Jake:(Running of crying) WAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH!!!!

Brad: Hey Jake you're a Ninfriendo
by CoolSheep May 11, 2018
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