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Nilesy: A sweet, funny guy to hang around. He's always a bit awkward but nobody really cares. He's frightened easily so I wouldn't watch or play any scary stuff. He's also caring,nice, and kind. Not super smart, but yet not dumb either. Which is funny because he looks like a nerd, especially with his glasses and hair cut. He usaully has black hair and brown or black eyes. And he's scottish and takes quite the offense if you start hating on him because he'll think its because of his accent. He also LOVES computer games, except Slender, but one of his favorite games is minecraft. And he also loves his cat a lot.
My boyfriend just broke up with me and now I'm heart broken.
Girl, its a good thing he broke up with you, what you need is a Nilesy.
by cutiesmith February 03, 2013
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