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LA & SF historical/ethnic neighborhoods where many Japanese people live, work and shop.

Japantowns important to many Japanese Americans since back in the days it was a center of culture, a place where they could work, live, shop, and keep culture and traditions alive.
Let's go nihonmachi to-day to see the taiko drummers at the Obon festaval.
Mrs. N lives in Nihonmachi at the old folks center with lots of Nissei people.

Theres a really awesome beauty pagent in Nihonmachi next weekend-let's go.

Nihonmachi is a great place to buy a wedding kimono, shop at the market, and Japanese hardware/garden center.

We would go to temple in Nihonmachi, then to the Atomic Cafe for lunch, then after we got shave ice, and imagawayaki to eat while we strolled along looking at beautiful art and ceramics.
by madrone93kcihcapah August 20, 2012
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