Staying awake until after the sunrises on the day after you woke up
Steve: “I had to pull an all nighter for this test”

Dan: “that’s boss”
by Beeray42069 November 21, 2021
An All Nighter is a synonym in the LGBTQ+ community for the term "Gay Orgy"
'Hey bro, wanna pull an all nighter?'
'What the fuck'
'Im just kidding, I'm gay'
by The kids are gone November 18, 2021
th- otty: aL- Knight-er
where middle school aged kids stay up all night and talk about their crushes and send their group chat thotty pics for approval before sending them to a guy. Normally consists of making fun of guy nudes, sending semi-nudes, and staying up until 4 am.
Me: Yo we should have a thotty all-nighter tonight.

Dannie: Bettt i’ll invite Mi
by lickmy_titties May 1, 2019
When you smash a girl for one entire week every night,but then dump her the following week
Xavier: Would you have a one nighter with Tasha?
Adam: Nah, I'm finna have a one week nighter with her.
by Yoooooolmaooo May 13, 2018
Staying up for almost all night, usually to about 5:00am. A teenage (age 12- 14) form of an all nighter that is cut short, as to not be caught by your parents.
Geek1: What happened? You just logged off in the middle of the quest in the MMO!

Geek2: Sorry, but I was pulling an almost all nighter. If my parents saw me I'd be dead right now.

Geek1: Sux2bu
When you are legitimately trying to get a full night of sleep but you are unable to fall asleep, so you end up staying up all night. May be by choice after waiting too long to get to sleep, or by trying all night to get to sleep and not succeeding. Usually catastrophic when you have an important event or task the following day.
"Dude, I am so tired; I pulled an unwanted All-Nighter last night."
by Nas2play February 2, 2018