When a group of guys get together and have sex. Refer to orgy and see what it means.Then just thing about a GAY one! And their you have it. Your asshole is sore and your walking home with a limp. But hey who cares? MY ASSHOLE IS 2 feet wide! lol jk.
Guys: Yeah, Don?
Don: Wanna have a gaay sex orgy?
Everyone: ouch my asshole hurts.

Don: So how was the Gay Orgy?
by Maarcus May 23, 2008
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Commonly occur on hard floors whilst wearing baggy shorts and singlets. Often referred to as "basketball". Basketball was designed as a homosexual sport, the most obvious evidence of this is that the "key" looks strangely like a penis.
Fred: Hey Bob, want to go watch some Secret Gay Orgies, lots of big black guys all over each other.

Bob: Are the Lakers playing?

Fred: Yes.

Bob: Sick i'm in. They are the best homosexuals.
by TheTruth31. October 13, 2009
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2 or more male bears reach sexual climax as a result of prior sexual activities.
One day I was taking a stroll in the woods when I heard strange grunting noises. I began to investigate, only to find 4 male bears having a Gay Bear Orgy.
by Turtlegasm August 11, 2009
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