A large quantity of alcohol, generally, shots, taken in rapid succession and resulting in significantly lower inhibitions and wildly out of character behavior. Taken in reference from the popular Bob Segar song of the same namesake, when someone asks you the following day why you were acting as such, just the reply of “night moves” will result in a complete understanding and acquittal from the person asking. Any more than 3 of sake bombs, jager bombs, fireball shots will typically result in “night moves.”
Officer: “You mind telling me why you were driving in the wrong lane, doing donuts in the middle of the road, and flipping me off..?”

Driver: “Sorry Officer, blame it on the night moves.”

Officer: “You’re free to go.”

James: “Dude! What the fuck?!? You kissed my wife last night and tried to squeeze her tits!”

Kellen: “Sorry bro. Night moves.”

James: “it’s cool.”
by Phil Knuckenfutz June 28, 2018
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