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A very stupid nigger, who has an IQ level that is not higher than than of an institutionalized retard, whose constant, annoying and loud speach is an incomprehensible gibberish. Nigger babble is anigger's attempt at comunication. This is the reason why niggers are always loaded down with cell-phones and many other devices of comunication. But it has no use.
This thing possesses a few cognitive skills and is prone to vandalizing, raping, stealing and so forth.
For instance, an example of niggertard could be as follows: your nigger-neighbor is a creature who live in a moronic state, as you easily can check. Ask him who was George Washington, and the nigger surely will answer: "Oh, man, I'm gonna try dat new brand of cigarettes. Know wad ahm sayin'? Give me a drag, man!" I do not recommend asking questions about general culture. It would be too much for the nigger. Stick yourself strictly to the Afro American enviroment.
by Captain Word June 23, 2009
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