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A name sometimes used to describe a sportbike style motorcycle. They usually feature a full fairing, clip-on handlebars, and high performance/speed. They may also include a number of custom modifications (i.e. chrome wheels frame and/or swingarm, custom paint job, upholstered seat, L.E.D. accents).

The term finds its roots in the fact that the African-American motorcycle enthusiast demographic seems to generally prefer sportbikes over any other style of motorcycle. Some examples of motorcycles that have proven popular with blacks--and thus may be considered niggerbikes--include the Suzuki Hayabusa, Suzuki GSX-R 1100, and Honda CBR 900RR.

Synonymous with the term "crotchrocket", but with implied racial connotation.
"Sure, my new Busa is a niggerbike, but I'd rather be called that than a redneck on a hog."
by 919 July 13, 2009
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a white woman / latin or asian that is a real slut for black men - takes endless amounts of big black cock and always wants more. Black guys use her like a well used collectively owned bike.
hey look theres Jane, that white slut shes taken so much big black cock her pussy's so black stretched she's a real nigger bike. She's no use to any white guy because her pussy's been nigger fried.
by hephaestus May 22, 2007
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