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Spelled either "niggadrop" or "niggerdrop", when someone packs a bowl/bong/piece without breaking up the nuggs first. They just drop it in without crushing it up, taking out seeds and stems, or grinding it.
Rick: Bob, are you gonna niggadrop in my bowl again?
Bob: No, Rick, I'm going to break up the nuggs this time...
Rick: Ok, great.
-2 minutes later-
Bob: Ok, Rick, we can smoke this bowl now.
Rick: Dammit Bob! Look at those big ass nuggs. Pass me my grinder!
by Jabari L July 02, 2008
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Throwin down words/phrases that only a true nigga would say.
Person 1. Let me see dat mo gen
Person 2. Wow the shit you say is so wrong in so many ways, those nigga drops make you look like a fucking retard.
Person 3. Aye ya'll wannta hit up on dat fire.
Person 2. These nigga drops are killing me!
by Jonathan b/Kamil P January 01, 2009
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