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What one would call a "colored" resident of a ghetto who becomes delusional to the point of finding some type of psychosis-driven sense of pride in thee shithole community and goes as far as to step in and fight the locals as if they think of themselves as a respectable force of community protecting lawman... (You can find them in An inner city neighborhood that's run down far past the point of being condemnable as a whole. In many cases resident are accustomed to a level of filth so rank the CDC won't even quarantine then for fear of its workers being infected by the jungle fever)
I sure hope my word is approved, because it would really suck if they let it be reviewed by some "oppressed by whitey" type (aka "less-than-pale" type...) Who would love the chance to take on a nigalante role in the matter, jumping right outta that cubicle they've been granted through the work furlough program and jumping right up on Jesse Jacksons coat tail and ban my work just to be a dick
by JimMuthaFuckinJones March 30, 2017
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