British 'It Girls'. So named because they shop at stores like Harvey Nicks (Harvey Nichols)
A nicks chick wears designer labels, owns one or more dogs and she or her family owns a 4x4. The younger ones admire such non-celebrities as Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie.
It is commonplace for nicks chicks to know minor royals and to go through some period of drug abuse (Tara Palmer-Tomkinson).
They are sometimes known as Plastics, Pinks, or Rich Bitches.
Tara Palmer-Tomkinson is a nicks chick.
by _Tree_ August 10, 2006
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the annoying ass internet girl on q102 who just sits there and spreads lies around the radio. she also has a tendency to overuse vowel sounds
heeeeeeeeeeeey guuuuys iiits nick the web chick aaandd you gottaaaaaa check ouut q102 dot com forr picss of JUUUUSTIN BIIEBBBERRR getting a tatttoooooo! youuu won't believveee where he got it!

all people listening to the radio immediately roll their eyes and switch to 96.5
by laceyyy August 3, 2010
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