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A dilussional version of a 'new urbanist'. A person that buys a new condo in a newly rehabilitated building in any downtown - then bitches about the noise, smells and crime. Drives three blocks to work, preaches the evils of fossil fuels and never takes the bike off the top of the car.

These people will also vote to spend sacks of tax dollars on miles of bike paths - that go NOWHERE. NO fucking WHERE!
"I wonder how much extra fuel I am using with that bike on top of my car - I mean per year? Hang on - I see a crowd - I think I'll go over and walk with them."

"Boy, you are one silly son of a bitch, a real 'new suburbanist'. Why don't you sell your spot downtown and move yourself out of harms way?"
by unkleheavy June 21, 2014
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