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Everything and nothing all at once. It is a part of ones soul and you must become one with the neven. Let it control you. Neven is the answer to everything and the route of all that is all.
Whats 2+2?
Why is the sky blue?
by Nevennevenneven September 30, 2013
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An all around party animal and heavy drinker, can drink anyone under the table and is the life of the party, everyone loves him.
Ex: That kid is an all round neven, fucking champ
by CaptainSlap Nuts October 05, 2009
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Someone of Origins of Gaelic, Germanic or Scottish blood, Servant of the Saints Disciple, In Gaelic Neven means Worships the Saint or Fights for the saint,

Is a good leader which is loved by everyone, much potential for achievement, desire for freedom of what you want, strives for accomplishment, Ambitious and Determined, Self-reliant and self-motivated, strong unyielding will and courage of your convictions, although fears loneliness you like to be left alone at times, Sacrificial and compassionate, can be saintly, feared for reputation or can be just feared, good hearted

and it is said Neven are likely to spend the rest of their lives with a pretty and deep girl

Some negatives include aggressive, always wanting to be number one or adhering to the concept of being number 1
religious neven Scottish Gaelic humor supportive emotional fearful resistant
by Sjnnr1 August 31, 2010
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to name; to utter

Classical English pronounciation is: Neh'vehn
From Gregory Chaucer author of The Canterbury Tales: "As oft I heard my lord neven -" Also appears as 'to call by name' in 'The Second Sheperd's Play.'
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not ever in all time, never ever ever ever ever...inf..
if you don't try this marshmellon italian ice, you'll neven be my friend!
by Aj December 01, 2003
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A term used to describe overachieving a what is believed to be satisfactory school grade. The epitome of a promising young scholar. Absorbed by the life in books! Running a little hayward from every social scene in which the subject may become inebriated. Clear of thought at all times- Alert- Promising success with a rubber stamp!
I got Neven% on my math exam!
I Nevened my test!
I neven leave a tip!
I'm afraid that if i don't neven my test- my imaginary girlfriend is going to break up with me.
Got IQ? Get Neven!
Neven is the founding father of IB!
He also invented the lightbulb!
True story.

by J_E_L_E_N_A December 26, 2007
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a teacher on sebatical from new zealand. words associated include okie
"naaw this miths griph...."
by okie June 14, 2003
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