Netty mouth is a physical attribute that develops through an extended period of involvement in netball, primarily of the indoor variety.

Netty mouth affects the lower jaw of the face. The lower jaw protruds beyond the upper jaw so that the lower lip is on average 3cm extended from its usual position. Netty mouth is not attractive.

Generally, only those with strong bogan heritage develop netty mouth. Those with this predisposition can be easily identified in a group environment. They're the ones who have been kicking about the stadium since birth, play in multiple teams on every day of the week, are best mates with the umpires, and appear to be asexual.

Whilst not usually painful, netty mouth can cause discomfort and difficulty drinking UDL cans and smoking burners/darts in the carpark. Netty mouth can also affect the ability to sledge the opposition as the comments are virtually impossible to decipher.

Netty mouth only affects the female population. However, given the gender of those inflicted may be difficult to determine, the terms footy mouth may also be applicable.
"Ouch, has she/he fallen over?" "Na, they've been coming here for years, that's just the netty mouth kicking in"
by Tassie16 June 02, 2009
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