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Previsously called facebox. This is a sight often used by chavs to communicate on, or more commonly attempt to get 'cam fun'. The majority of this sight appear to be sad and desprate attempting to gain 'pik comments' and spending there whole time posting bulletins attempting to get them. Girls will genraly be succesful at this attaining many pervy comments while guys are less successful oparty due to girls bing less pervyy and more importantly its easyer for them to get whored by posting their own bulletin.

haha on netlog some guy was asking for cam fun and i pretended to be a girl just to wind him up
by James___x April 29, 2007
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A networking site filled with sluts and horny chav boys all after "cam fun" and cover their profiles with naked pictures of themselves.
It is also a hot-spot for turkish pervs who can barely speak english and are trying to find a lovely english 13 year old wife. They do not realise that it is not a shopping site!
Boy: "Anyone on netlog want to see me wank on cam"

Girl: "Want naked pics?"

Turkish man: "You hott :O"
by DropDeadNed April 16, 2009
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