The Greatest Cricket Bat Created. Forged in late 2020, the Neruda Schtick is a modified Wahu Plastic bat infused with the power of Communist Poet Pablo Neruda.
Person 1: Let's play crippet!
Person 2: Better grab the Neruda Schtick as its all-powerful
Person 1: yes x
by ffff// August 18, 2021
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A sad little boy who gets dogged by his girlfriend.
Did you hear Neruda King gets fucked by his girlfriend?
by El papi benito August 19, 2021
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When you dip your penis in mayonnaise and use it to make a sandwich for a disrespected friend
Fuck Steve man I’m gonna give him a dirty Neruda when he comes over
by JustimusPrime September 16, 2021
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