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A virgin who has not, and will not, ever find love (or real friends) because of social inadequacies and hobbies that consume his entire life. Tends to be overweight, a fan of Linux, and a liberal.
I'd rather die than a nerd virgin.
by Anferny Jackson May 25, 2005
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A fusion of the words nerd and virgin to represent someone who is both full on socially retarded and utterly incapable of pleasuring a women(either due to premature ejaculation and/or a high gamerscore.) May also think boobs feel like bags of sand
Person A:After the Harry Potter premiere we went back to Command Central(aka my mom's basement) where we engaged in a high stakes game of Halo and drank caffeinated beverages after my mom went to sleep.

Person B: Nerdvirgin.
by Gordy Popshaft November 18, 2010
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