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The state that the Brian leaves your puckered anus in after a single session of tender butt sex. Gaping does not even begin to describe the aftereffects of Brian´s anal assault. The most significant of which can only be described as a cheek-clapping-colon-clearing-orgasm-inducing-fart so wet and so intense that the human body is forced to eject copious amounts of both cum and feces at their respective terminal velocities in order to prevent the sheer amount of overstimulation from disrupting the nervous system and inducing a seizure.
You wouldn´t believe what happened to me last night!
Yeah... this is my third change of clothes, today. My ass got so Brian´d that sitting down is the least of my issues. Just standing up without my bloodied small intestine unloading is impossible!
by bean_bomb May 9, 2022
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Someone who chooses to major in Electrical Engineering.
Did you hear? Brian got into UCLA!
Oh wow that´s awesome, what´s his major?

Electrical Engineering, I think.
Oh... he´s going to UCLA to be an Electrical Engineer of all things? What a waste.
I know, what a stupid idiot virgin nerd.
by bean_bomb May 10, 2022
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A large boy with unparalleled confidence and a buttcrack that hasn't seen soap since his mother stopped giving him baths. Sam has dirty fingernails and wears deodorant only on occasion. One must admire the unwavering self-love this man has considering his hygiene, mediocre intelligence, and disdain for women. Much like a cockroach, Sam survives this harsh world by living off the crumbs of other people's work and contributing nothing of value to the universe. This man is so pathetic that any relationship he has ever had or will ever have is maintained only by the pity of the other individual. This includes his parents.
Professor: You will all be assigned to the same lab partners for the rest of the semester. Marcus, you will be with Sam.

Marcus: 'jumps out window'
by bean_bomb May 10, 2022
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