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Book smart meets street smart; the nerd gangsta is the ultimate combination for a couple of reasons:

You can call your gangster friends to beat the crap out of another nerd that may have stole one of your yugioh cards

You can call one of your nerd friends to back you up in a logical argument against some gangster claiming that he can shoot two people with the same bullet OR you can ask your nerd friend to help you perform the correct calculations so that you can receive your daily fix of marijuana for the lowest price possible so that you don't get ripped off

Your clothes can range from baggy jeans/bandanas to knitwear/pocket protectors, providing you with the ability to blend in to practically any crowd

You can cuss out your teachers whilst still maintaining an average grade of 96.7% on your report card

You can apply the skills you learned in Chemistry class to open up your very own meth lab and sell the finest crystal meth possible to all your gangster friends

You can use your computer skills to hack into government databases/perform credit card fraud efficiently

And the best part; women love bad boys who also have a soft side to them.
How is he able to smoke weed and get good grades? He must be some kind of nerd gangster.
by Nerd Gangsta January 29, 2015
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As we know, a nerd is commonly described as someone smart...with a pocket protecter. While a gangster, is the total opposite. (He drives by and shoots them nerds). So what is a "Nerd Gangster"?

1. (n.) A person who is both smart and buff.
2. (n.) Some Title I found in a Rolling Stone Magazine
3. (adj.) Someone who participates well in both the academic and underground community.
EX for #1: YOUR MOM.---jp...

EX for #2: ....that's self explanitory.--idiots...

EX for #3: Straight A Susy Sunshine is a nerd gangster. She can beat the hell out of you, if you get her pissed.
by Shanai-nai November 27, 2006
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