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A nerdtastic tantrum induced by either accumulation of nerdy goods (a.k.a. green laser pointer modded to 100 mW, an original press of The Silmarillion, a PS3 in 2006, etc.) or by destruction of the goods thereof.

If not attended to, a cascade of nerd fits may turn into nerd rage at which point immediate assistance is required to prevent nerd coma or a domino effect which could destroy further items or persons triggering additional nerd fits, yada yada yada.
Worker from Game Stop bound for nerdatory: Hello! As our one hundredth buyer of the PS3 you have been chosen to receive an uber spy kit! This will include spycam/mp3 matrix looking sunglasses, a book vault, night vision binoculars, a mithril vest, a complete collectors addition of Metal Gear Solid, Spycraft, and EverQuest.

Buyer bound for nerd fit: *Giggles* *Squeals* *Left Eye Twitches* *Falls on the floor while snorting and squealing battle cries in prepubescent voice* *Seizures while ululating jubilantly in mythical tongue*
by Liska Kiska August 07, 2011
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