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the act of finding out who the nerd is in a group by throwing out incomplete or incorrect information in order for the nerd to ''bite' by adding more info(more than general knowledge) or correcting the original statement or phrase
me: Hey i went to the museum and saw the fat venus.

nerd: do you mean the Venus of Willendorf? when were you in Vienna? did you know that It is carved from an oolitic limestone etc, etc...

me: haha just kidding i was nerd fishing but i didn't know you were gonna jump on the boat like that
by nopantsboy June 12, 2009
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The act of going somewhere nerds would be in an attempt to find a nerd to hit on.
Ted: "Hey dude, want to go to game stop with me?"

Frank: "What game are you going to be getting?"

Ted: "There aren't any games out that I'm interested in, I just wanted to go nerd fishing"

Frank: "Hells yes! That gamer chick we saw there last week was super hot!"
by Fattyeggroll January 24, 2011
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when one ties a Sci Fi novel to the end of a fishing pole and hopes to catch a nerd.
She's totally "nerd fishing" tonight.
by fenderboarder January 24, 2011
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