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On the IMDb message boards, this is what you call a manwhore who apparently has a girlfriend, has a job, plays AND coaches a sport, bodybuilds, goes to school full time and makes good grades, yet somehow still has time to get drunk off his ass every other day and spend hours at a time on the message boards having sexual conversations with any female user who will give him the time of day.
Look at that user, he says he has a girlfriend but he never talks about spending time with her. All he does is come on here and mack it to that user named Hope. What a neptunewanter.
by LaineyBaby March 27, 2008
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On the IMDb, who is a total creep. He is the type to think with only his dick. Therefore, he puts himself and other people, females that is, in situations that are rather bad. Then on top of that, instead of taking responsibility for his behaviors, he blames the female. For example saying things such as, “Well, she asked for my naked picture. Well, she is obsessed with me.” One of these days, he will have sex with a minor, then say the following, “Well, I didn't know she was 10.” If he stopped thinking with his penis, he maybe would have figured her age out.

On the IMDb, who is basically an inconsiderate person. NO ONE WANTS TO HEAR ABOUT YOUR SEXUAL EXPERIENCES!

On the IMDb, who is just a dumb party boy. All he does is drinks, parties and sexually objectifies females.

On the IMDb, who is arrogant. You wonder how he has time to go on the computer and flirt with every girl on the board with his active life. With his active participation in sports, the social scene, and whatever else he wants to add.

On the IMDb. who will become a future rapist. But, not any rapist. I'm talking about the date rape rapists. Not the gang rape rapists, not the ones that just hide in the bushes and pop out of nowhere. I'm talking about the ones that say the following things when you take him to court, “You lied! You wanted it! I didn’t force myself on you! You are a slut, who is in love with me.”

On the IMDb, who lies. If you read what he writes, he is always changing his story. He said that he had a 15 year old girlfriend and he was 17. He said that he loved her and that she wanted to take it to the next level. You know, sex? But, he loved her so much that he wanted to wait. Well, after that he tells these stories about having sex with her at McDonalds. What happened to the sweet, sensitive Neptunewanter, that wanted to wait? Then, no more than a month later, he said that his girlfriend is 19. What happened to the 15 year old that he loved so much? Also, if he was 17, originally and he just had a birthday, how can he still be 17? Either he makes a lot of typos with a lot of miscommunication. or he is lying.

On the IMDb, that has some pictures, where he looks like a 30 something, made of wax, freak. That overdid it on the steroids.
Neptunewanter is a future rapist. If he hasn't completed this goal already.
by HomeworkOVERLOAD March 29, 2008
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On IMDB message boards, the word for a very very very very very very very very very sexy guy.
Girl: "Ugly pic, you wish you were a neptunewanter."
by Jakey_Poo February 23, 2008
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