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This is usually a young and small blonde slim shady looking person. they constatly talks down to people and are amazing at lieing! They has beyond small little cocks and their balls are very tiny aswell. Theses people make up for haveing no life by pissing you off. These rare breeds of wanabe people with small balls should be punched in the face if incounterd. Do not feed into this persons desprate attack for attention also this person will stalk anything with a vagina if givin the time of day! This person will most likley live in their parents basment after teenage years. Their parents dont care are always blazed and love to have their dogs smoke weed!

Common look: Anything you think is cool this person will try to buy! They are usually seen lazily watchen james bond and wearing amazingly gay red seagul hollister sleeping pants.
(nepolion smurf): Dude you dont understand!
ME: Vin i think i do...
NS: no dude ive been all over....
by truth sucks with a capital T December 11, 2006
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