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Neoquest II is an rpg game played through the site Neopets, located at

It consists of five acts which will take you travelling across five of the Neopian worlds.

It is your mission to save Neopia from destruction using the skills of Rohane. Along the way you will pick up companions, firstly Mipsy, then Talinia and finally Velm.

There are three modes to play the game in, normal, evil and insane, and you are awarded prizes and a trophy on the completion of each one. The prizes are better according to which difficultly you play on, but you must however play normal before you can proceed to evil, and evil before you can preceed to insane.

It is a very long-winded game with much fighting of undead creatures along the way, but many believe it is worth it (and some believe it is fun!) for the prizes given out.
It took me at least six months to complete Neoquest II.
by Friskysquirt June 02, 2006
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A thing that takes about 5 years to make. And when they finally make it, it's accidently deleted.
by Anonymous August 28, 2003
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