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1. The teleological purpose of the entire cosmic dialectic. Often used with neither definite, nor indefinite, article.

2. The grey surface layer of the brain folded in on itself to create the recognizable curved-ridge-contours.

3. Totally awesome IRC username...especially for totally awesome programmers and philosophers...and anarchists too.
1a. Whoa dude ... that awesome programmer has a cognitive capacity approaching neocortex!

1b. It would appear to be the case that even neocortex would tremble at this conundrum.

2. Have you seen Henry Markram's work on simulating the neocortex ... it's total singularity material dude!

3a. neocortex was here.

3b. What would neocortex do in this situation.

3c. It's believed that neocortex once said "reality is merely conditioned by perception" ... a profound revelation this is.
by anakin.reece November 04, 2010
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