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The neocop is the opposite of the traditional police officer, who the citizens look to protection from danger, and can be trusted and respected. The neocop is motivated by power and greed, and extremely vulnerable to corruption. They have no morals, ethics or conscience. Neocops are the police that a person runs FROM, rather than TO in the face of danger, and often are themselves, the very face of danger. The neocop has a love of power, and will abuse that power to the fullest. Their main interests are not those of the citizens, but of their own enjoyment of controlling and brutalizing them, and in abusing the power of the badge to make numerous unneccessay arrests in order to raise revenue for the county/state.
When a neocop pulls a driver over, rather than issuing a traffic ticket or warning, it is standard procedure for them to try to get the driver to waive their rights in order to search their vehicle. The majority of the time, the search ultimately ends in an unnecessary arrest. Other times, the encounter ends with the neocop simply shooting and killing the driver, with no consequences to the neocop, due to automatic immunity granted to them if they claim that they thought their life was in danger.
by Kathy M. November 28, 2006
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